Cuteness in the country

How cute is this church?
I've written about it in my blog post here but to save you the trouble, it's a darling, mid-Victorian gothic-style church that was built in 1877 in the Manawatu, here in NZ.
A few weeks back I ended up going to an open day they held to celebrate its 140th, and had a look around and was quite charmed by it. I'd been inside it once before but that had been a while ago, now, as in decades, so I couldn't really remember much about it.
Inside it's made of totara wood - its one of those wedding churches, where it would, if were going for the traditional wedding, be the perfect place to have a wedding.
All the wooden pews and stained glass windows, and even a pipe organ for the wedding march, or whatever it is one does when one weds traditionally.
After the service to celebrate the birthday, everyone went to the hall next door for lunch and after there was a cake (oh my golly gosh, an utterly gorgeous fruit cake) that was ceremoniously cut and handed o…


Several of my books are going free the weekend of October 20-24.
Blue Creek Bachelor, Marrying Melinda, Finding Farrell and The Return of Gabe McLeod.
Check them out here, grab a copy, and enjoy!!

Writerly stuff

My Kindle has died and after googling things to do to fix it, and really, being none the wiser,
I've decided, screw it, I'll get another one. It will be my third, after the first one bit the dust after only a year but I got a refund on that, and bought another. I have so many e-books I'm dying to read, that I need to get one asap. I don't mind reading on the phone but a Kindle is better, so am quite looking forward to that, especially as a few of the books are writerly how to books. 
One of the writers I'm intrigued by is Dean Wesley Smith. I've never read his fiction but was watching an interview recently, with Smith and his wife Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and their insight into publishing was fascinating. Plus they were the cutest couple, and who does not love a cute couple.
Smith had studied the pulp writers of the 30s and analysed the way they worked, and he has utilised some of their principles and has written a lot on the "pulp" way of writing. Th…

Marrying Melinda excerpt

An excerpt from Marrying Melinda, which was my first indie published book: Enjoy...       Mel took a bite of her hamburger and used a paper napkin to wipe away a dribble of ketchup from her chin. Steak, tomato and lettuce, a warm bun, pickles, tons of sauce – what more could you want? She took a sip of cola - diet cola – from the paper cup, set it back in the holder and glanced discreetly at Daniel. What she’d give to read his mind now, right this minute, as they sat on hard plastic seats in a stadium with sports crazed fans surrounding them. Most of them were vocal; a lot of them were just plain drunk. She took another bite of hamburger. This was the dinner he’d promised her? Not that she was complaining when it was the most excitement she’d be getting for a while. Their thighs had touched before and brief as it was, she hadn’t wanted the feeling to end. But watching a game meant they weren’t getting to talk and in the days since he’d phoned, imagining their dinner had been a welcom…

Sunday excerpt "Falling for Jack"

It's Sunday here in NZ and what a good day for an excerpt. From "Falling for Jack." You can get it on Amazon here. I have already started "thinking about" Emily's story, and that should be a lot of fun, revisiting Robyn, Sage and the guys... 
The minute she stepped inside, Sage ordered, “So what’s been going on with you and Fletcher?” She sat cross-legged on the couch. “Nothing.” “Ha,” Sage said disbelievingly. Robyn sighed. “Jack’s from my old home town, Kopane, up north. We weren't friends, we just knew of each other.” She stopped. It still blew her away he'd known who mousey, studious Robyn Taylor had been when he'd had plenty of girls throwing themselves at him. “He was a few years ahead of me at school though.” Best to leave the details of his past out. “And last night I bumped in to him when I was working at the charity dinner and we got talking; he loaned me his car to drive home and he just came back to pick it up.” They both went t…

Any Dream Will Do

I've just finished this fabulous book from Debbie Macomber.

I'm not a love-all-of-Debbie's stuff reader at all, but this was a terrific story.
Our heroine Shay is a girl with a past who has just been released from prison and finds herself in a church one day, just sitting there to get out of the Seattle cold.
The pastor, Drew, offers to help her and she ends up in a programme to get her life on track.
Drew's wife died a few years earlier and he's raising two kids on his own, but he finds himself drawn to Shay and drawn to her resilience to get her life on track, to get a job and a place of her own, and to take classes to move ahead into a future she could only dream about.
What did I like about this story? Pretty much everything, actually. 
There were really likeable and relateable characters, a heroine who really has a good heart and is determined to try and make a go of life. A hero who sees beyond her gruff exterior and finds himself attracted to a woman some of his c…
Posting excerpts cos its an excerpt kind of season.
Here's one from All About Sage.

The reception was informal, with finger foods and desserts, waiters serving champagne, and a jazz trio playing softly in the background. Sage spent some time talking with Mrs Parker, Jack’s housekeeper, who was running through the details of a murderer who had appealed to a higher court for a retrial. “So how do you know Robyn?” Mrs Parker asked when she’d finished listing the reasons why he was so clearly guilty and wasting taxpayer money on a joke retrial. “We’re neighbours. She rented the house next door to me when her marriage broke up. We’ve been neighbours for just a couple of years but it feels like forever. We’ve become—” She held up her fingers knotted together. “Like that.” “I see.” Mrs Parker nodded sympathetically. Strands of her wild grey hair escaped from her bun. “You lose your friend and you end up getting new neighbours. Good luck with that.” Sage exhaled. Once Robyn had given notice …