Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So Frenchy So Chic

The French! I am a bit into things French at the moment, partly because.. well, why not? There's a lot to like (she says, avoiding looking English people in the eye...)
Plus I'm meant to be spending a few days on a certain French Pacific island in a few months, so am brushing up on sixth form French in anticipation of not making a complete twit of myself.
I could set a book there. Tax write off...
Anyhow, besides drinking lots of cafe au lait, I recently discovered a fabulous French singer, Lou Doillon. She had a song on the "So Frenchy So Chic" CD (one day I'm going to that!) , so I tried out her CD "Places" - and just loved it. Its kind of cruisey-pop, and a few months back I played it all the way in the car on a long drive.
Lou has got a gorgeous, deep voice, sings in English, and writes her own stuff - like this clip, ICU, which is quite possibly my favourite song on the album.
Here tis. Definitely chic.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Newsletter update

Writer fail! I am totally slack with the mailing list... But-I-will-get-one-out-soon!
Two exciting things... I'm part of a bundle of down under beach reads coming up June and July (for the American market!) which will feature seven other authors and be priced at just .99c - a mix of novels and novellas - so keep an eye out.  I've contributed Falling for Jack, and we have the most gorgeous cover for the bundle with the tagline... 100% Pure Romance.
Also... I'm getting a new cover done for The Return of Gabe McLeod (Book 1 in the Frazier Bay series) in time for a free promo of the book in May on Amazon. So if you haven't read it and want to pick up a copy, watch out for that.
I generally send the newsletter out a couple of times a year when there's a new book or bundle or free promo coming up.
And you can sign up for it HERE

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weeds Part One (That's weeds with an S, people....)

I'm a rubbish gardener. Pretty gardens are a nice fantasy but in reality, its not going to happen. Not on my patch of land. There are folks, plenty of very nice folks, who love to talk gardening. They Instagram their pretty gardens and their bounteous produce. You know the ones, with the wicker baskets of tomatoes and lettuce and garlic rope things all artfully arranged to make you want to sell up and go and buy ten acres in the country.
I, however, am lucky to get a feijoa off the tree and if it rains in summer, I am rewarded with tiny tomatoes on the plant that said on the plastic label thing would give me huge beefsteaks. Hashtag failure.
But what I am good at is weeds. I have lots of them. And I don't even have to water them. I don't even to have sow them.
Like these suckers.
weeds-gardens-new zealand

What is this stuff?? I can't even.... Its hideous. It breeds like nothing you've ever seen.  This is in the middle of my nice patch of lawn. It's not like the lawn is even that great but this just kills what pathetic amount of greatness it had. I even paraquated this stuff. It damned well grew back. This shit is serious. 

And what about this. Agapanthus,


Some bright spark has said this is a weed. I always thought a weed was a plant in the wrong place. Well, I actually purchased these with my hard earned cash and put them in the right place so I object. Also I've noticed you don't just get one weed. You get tons of them and these babies have not, I repeat, NOT reproduced in the way I am sure the good Lord intended when he invented weeds.   In fact, I have  managed to kill a few of them off without  weedkiller  Seriously, no weed is killed by accident, it's like a law of nature or something so I don't get why they label agapanthus a weed. And they are so pretty when they're all in a row. Especially the purple (or is it blue?) and the one in the picture is meant to be blue. But its not. Its green. Maybe its a baby flower or maybe its dying? I am mystified.
Next week, we will discuss the vileness that is that gross ginger plant weed thing.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

In which we talk about writing stuff...

Just back from a fabulous writerly retreat down in the King Country. We talked writing, plotting, marketing, social media, and had a great time in the process.
TeKuiti writers retreat Toni Kenyon Joanne Hill Rowena May O'Sullivan
Looking out over Te Kuiti
One of the best parts of a few days away with a couple of old friends is of course just the yakking. Drinking coffee, laptops on - laps! - heading outside for some fresh air and driving into town for brunch in the  mornings.
Te Kuiti writers retreat Joanne Hill Toni Kenyon Rowena May O'Sullivan
The backyard of the house - just gorgeous
One of the things I love about the romance community is that we are so diverse - I write romantic comedy that is sweet, Rowena light paranormal and Toni more intense novels and erotica.  But we all love what we do, and love talking books. Was a pretty darned perfect weekend!!